10 famous Offaly faces and their celebrity lookalikes

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



10 famous Offaly faces and their celebrity lookalikes

We have found some great matches

We decided to put the faces of ten famous Offaly people into the 'Celebs Like Me' online website to see what international celebrities they look like. Some of them are a strain, but some of them will surprise you. Neil Delamere and his long lost father!

Brian Cowen

Offaly's most famous political exponent, Brian Cowen was paired with a resemblance of 52% with actor George Wendt, who you may recognise from his role as Norm Peterson on the television show Cheers. He's also had roles in films like The Little Rascals, and Man of the House in the 1990s. We think this one is pretty good and we can imagine the pair singing 'The Offaly Rover' in the Cheers bar in Boston any day! Cheers, lads!

Niall McNamee 

Our most prominent footballer of the last decade has been paired with a 50% resemblance to Hollywood actor Austin Stowell. Stowell has been a star on the rise in recent years and has appeared in films like Whiplash (2014), and Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies (2015). The man may be gunning for Oscars, but he couldn't carry a whole county on his shoulders for nearly 15 years. 


The man who deep fried pigeon on Masterchef Ireland and brought classics like 'July' and 'Galway Girl' to the masses, Mundy, has been matched with actor Sam Robards. Robards has appeared in hit US shows like Law and Order, the West Wing and Sex in the City. The match was calculated at 46%, but we think the curly hair might be as far as this resemblance goes. 

Shane Lowry

The two Shanes! What are the chances? Lowry has been paired with this bearded namesake. Shane Smith is a Canadian Emmy Award-winning journalist. He is the co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE Media, and has a net worth of $1.27 billion. But he's never dished out cans of Guinness to fans at a PGA golf tournament. This one came out at 57%.

Neil Delamere

Now this one is uncanny. The smirk, the hairline; this guy (that we didn't know) is Delamere's doppleganger. The Edenderry comic can now get a glimpse into the future with this 57% match. George Dzundza is apparently an American actor who has a string of TV roles under his belt, including Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order and Starsky and Hutch.

Marcella Corcoran Kennedy

Offaly's Fine Gael TD Marcella Corcoran Kennedy was matched (54%)with another powerful woman, actress Kate Burton, who plays the Vice-President of the US in hit show, Scandal. She's also starred in blockbusters 127 Hours and Max Payne. We can totally see this resemblance; from the eyes, nose and jawline. 

Barack Obama

When we put our most famous son, Barack Obama, into the database, he obviously matched with himself, but the next highest percentage was a match with Sanjay Gupta. He is an American neurosurgeon and media reporter. He serves as associate chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and as assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine. A tenuous Offaly link and resemblance, we think the smile has nailed this one.

Shane Dooley

Perhaps the most talented Offaly hurler in the current generation, Shane Dooley was matched with Paul Adelstein, known to most of you as Agent Paul Kellerman from the Fox television series Prison Break. He's also acted in Scandal, Law and Order, Grey's Anatomy and one episode of iconic 2000s comedy, Scrubs. This is a pretty good match and we reckon no one would notice if Adelstein togged out in our next league clash and pulled on Dooley's famous yellow helmet. Can he hit a free, though?

Henry Healy

Shockingly, the database didn't pick up on the family resemblance between Henry Healy and his eighth cousin, Barack Obama. Instead, the Moneygall man was paired with Hank Azaria, the man who is known more for his voice than his face. He is the voice of numerous characters from the Simpsons TV show, including Moe the bar tender and Police Chief Wiggum. He also played David, Phoebe's love interest in 1990s sitcom, Friends. We have to say, it looks more likely that these two are actually cousins. *Planning permission for a Homer Simpson Plaza being lodged immediately.*

Michael Duignan

Now actor Rob Riggle looks the cut of hurling legend Michael Duignan when he pulls on the earphones to commentate on local radio. Riggle is one of those actors you recognise but can't place, but he has appeared in numerous box office comedy hits, such as The Hangover, Dumb and Dumber, Talladega Nights, 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street. This pair are brothers, hands down. A co-commentary date has to be arranged.