10 Aug 2022

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Still delivering local news after 141 years. is brought to you by the News Team in Offaly Express, Tullamore Tribune and Midland Tribune. Powered by a dynamic and hardworking team, is renowned for bringing Offaly people the stories that really matter to them from around the region. The Midland Tribune and Tullamore Tribune newspapers are ground-breaking local newspapers bringing you local news from Offaly, north Tipperary, Westmeath and Laois.

The Midland Trubune was founded as a champion of tenant farmers by Land League in 1881, has a proud history of serving the people of Offaly, north Tipperary and surrounding counties. It is second to none for dynamic news and sports coverage in its circulation area centred on the towns of Birr and Roscrea.

The Tullamore Tribune, established in 1978 as a sister paper to the Midland Tribune, serves Tullamore and its hinterland in north and mid-Offaly as well as parts of counties Westmeath and Laois. Built on a strong tradition, both papers continue to evolve and thrive providing unrivalled news and sports coverage from the Faithful County - both at home and abroad.

We are at the heart of Offaly life and know our local communities and we bring you the news that people want to read about. We also know our businesses - our advertising teams are on hand to give you the best deals on so you can reach out to a brand new audience throughout the county.

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Editorial Contacts:

Offaly Live Digital Editor

Justin Kelly

Phone: 057-8621666

Offaly Live Digital Editor

Damian Moran

Phone: 057-8621666

Midland and Tullamore Tribune Editor

Ger Scully


Midland and Tullamore Tribune Sports Editor

Kevin Corrigan


Midland Tribune Deputy Editor

Derek Fanning


Midland Tribune Senior Journalist

Darren Keegan


Tullamore Tribune Deputy Editor

Gearoid Keegan


Tullamore Tribune Senior Journalist

Camilla McLoughlin


Do you have a news story or picture for us?

If you have a news story please contact the newsdesk on 057-8621666 (Mon-Fri) or e-mail Please include your name and a telephone number we can contact you on. If you would like to send us a picture of a local event or occasion, please email Please include detailed caption information, along with your name and a telephone number we can contact you on. You can also submit your stories or pictures directly via our Send Us Your News on our website.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor intended for publication can be submitted by hard copy, but e-mail is preferable. We invite readers to send their letter on any subject - however, local issues will have preference other those submitted on other topics. Letters should be limited to a maximum of 300 words and we reserve the right to edit your submission. You must state your name and address in all correspondence whether submitted in hard or electronic format. If you wish for us to withhold your name and/or address, you must state your reason and we will consider this. However no letter will be published which does not hold the sender's name and address. Please include a day time telephone number for us to contact you on, should we need to do so. For emails, please observe the same rules of punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc, as you would when writing in more traditional fashion. To submit your letter via e-mail (preferred), please send it to: Alternatively, please send it to: Letters to the Editor, Offaly Live, 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise, Co Laois, Ireland.

Photograph Sales

Copies of pictures taken by our photographers can be ordered from our office at 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise, Co Laois, Ireland or by calling 057-8621666.