Offaly History lecture on 1641 rebellion and Cromwellian conquest

Ger Scully


Ger Scully



Dr Eamon Darcy who will give the lecture

A LECTURE on the 1641 rebellion will be given as part of Offaly History's normal series of lectures on zoom on Monday night next, April 19 at 7.45 pm

The lecture titled “The 1641 rebellion, the confederate wars, and the Cromwellian conquest –

a perspective from "King's County" will be given by Dr Eamon Darcy.

Dr Darcy  is the author of  The Irish rebellion of 1641 and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms  (Woodbridge, 2013) and  The world of Thomas Ward: sex and scandal in late-seventeenth-century Co. Antrim  (Dublin, 2016) and currently teaches at Maynooth University. 

The outbreak of the Irish rebellion on 23 October 1641 was a watershed moment in Irish history. Those deeply involved with the colonial administration in Ireland argued that it was both unexpected and unjustified.

Soon, rumours circulated of a premeditated wholesale massacre of Irish Protestant settlers at the hands of their Catholic neighbours in Ulster.

This became an enduring legacy of the rebellion and confederate wars of the 1640s. It justified the enactment of a series laws that brought about the transformation of landholdings, the use of excessive force by Cromwellian troops, and memories of the rebellion would occasionally be stoked to legitimate actions taken against Irish Catholics.

The purpose of this lecture is to see how these broader events affected Offaly, or King's County, as it was then called in order to understand how ordinary people were impacted by these significant events.

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