Donnelly is a diamond in Birr through Covid-19 crisis

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Donnelly is a diamond in Birr through Covid-19 crisis

Donnelly is a diamond in Birr through Covid-19 crisis

Entertainer and singer Dickie Donnelly has been hailed an #OffalySuperstar during the current Covid-19 crisis.

We put a call out for people to tell us the stories of the everyday heroes quietly helping their communities during the pandemic. From making dinners to making people laugh, we want to hear how Covid-19 is bringing out the best in people.

Dickie Donnelly was one of the first names sent to us multiple times - in one day. 

Sandra Brewer explained: "He has done so much for the town of Birr since lockdown came in. He weekly gives up his free time in the evening to entertain us all on Facebook with his comic nights and music evenings.

"He promotes our little town at every opportunity. He also set up a Facebook page for people of Birr who may live in other parts of the world to keep in contact with us.

"He recently has started to assist Offaly Local Development with bingo for housing estates around Offaly. He really is an all-round helpful and genuine person who will do anything for anyone just to bring a smile on their face. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves," she added.

Well, this is his recognition - a thank you from the people of Birr and us at the Offaly Express for helping in this way. 

Lisa Byrne also hailed Dickie as a local hero. 

"Not only does he do huge work entertaining the people of Birr but he set up a page called Well Mush I’m from Birr and has connected people from Birr all over the world," she said.

Dickie Donnelly is our first #OffalySuperstar