Thinking of planting land? Visit SWS Forestry at the Tullamore Show

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


SWS Forestry

SWS Forestry

This years Tullamore show is taking place on the 13 th of August and SWS Forestry services will be present all day at the Forestry and Energy section at X 483.

Thinking of planting land? Constructing a new forest road? Looking to invest or interested in land sales?

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Thinking of thinning and harvesting? Or if you’re just looking for some general information and management advice please feel free to call into our stand.

By planting land you receive an annual premium for 15 years ranging up to €249/acre.

Continue to draw your entitlements and all costs involved in establishment are covered by grant aid.

The landowner retains 100% ownership of the plantation and SWS Forestry manages the site and carries out maintenance work to establish your crop over 4 years at no extra cost.

For more information please contact Barry Roche on 087 7376189.