'Disheartened' Edenderry Tidy Towns plead with people to stop illegal dumping

The town has seen a number of recent instances of dumping

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



'Disheartened' Edenderry Tidy Towns plead with people to stop illegal dumping

'Disheartened' Edenderry Tidy Towns plead with people to stop illegal dumping

Chairman of Edenderry Tidy Towns and Offaly County Councillor Noel Cribbin has pleaded with people to put an end to illegal dumping.

"It’s so disheartening and disappointing to see that some people think so little of our town and our beautiful canal walkway that they will load up there cars with bags of rubbish and dump them there."

This call comes after a number of recent incidents, including on the Grand Canal walkway connecting the harbour to Downshire Bridge as well as the town's main street.

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"I can assure people that our litter warden will be collecting bags dumped and I sincerely hope that he finds some evidence of the owner and culprit who disposed of their rubbish in this way and that the full rigors of the law can be brought against that person," Cribbin added

Cllr Cribbin also made an appeal to dog owners after reports a number of nests along the canal are being destroyed by lose dogs, resulting in the loss of many of the eggs of the the ducks currently resident on the canal in Edenderry.

"We most certainly welcome walkers with their dogs on the canal but we also appeal to the owners to show respect for our beautiful wildlife and particularly at this time of year when it’s breeding season," he said.

"Dog owners should also show respect to fellow walkers who may have a fear of dogs and indeed some people are now going elsewhere for their walks rather than face dogs on the canal," Cllr Cribbin continued.

He suggested to walkers who bring their dogs to the canal to at all times keep your dog on a leash and under control and secondly to walk your dogs on the town side or grassy side of the bank.

"Therefore people will be able to continue walking their dogs whilst being no threat to people, wildlife and smaller breeds of dogs."

After a delayed start to spring caused by severe weather, the Edenderry Tidy Towns Spring Clean-up will now take place this Wednesday evening, May 9 at 6pm. The group will be meeting at the Harbour and this year, Laura Mc Keown Pentony and her group from the Edenderry Girl Guides wil be assisting. Other volunteers are always welcome.

"We also intend to have litter Cleanups around the town on Thursday and Friday evening from 6pm and Saturday morning from 10 to 12pm and any residents groups who wish to partake and help clean their areas can contact me on 087 9073804," Noel told us.

Cllr Cribbin also spoke glowingly of the new landscaping at the Square in Edenderry following a series of works on the site in recent months. "At our committee meeting this week all members spoke of their delight and pride of the beautiful improvements being carried out by Offaly County Council in the Square and particularly this week with the planting of the trees, hedgerow and shrubbery," he commented.

"We look forward to the new seating and lighting being installed and we certainly feel that whilst work like this causes some disruption to local businesses and to traffic it’s certainly well worth it when you see the difference it’s making to the Square."

"We will be watching closely to this year's Tidy Towns results, marks and comments to see the difference the improvements to the Square will make to our overall result in this year's competition," Cribbin concluded.


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