Lucky punter makes a whole 'lotto' money off €5 bet

The combination of bets netted nearly €10,000 in winnings

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Punter punter makes a 'lotto' money off €5 bet

Punter punter makes a 'lotto' money off €5 bet

Cheltenham may be only round the corner but it was four simple lotto balls that cost BoyleSports just short of €10,000 ahead of their busiest week of the year.

One customer placed a €1 accumulator in one of BoyleSports’ County Louth stores on Saturday at odds of 7200/1 on four numbers in the 49s draw.  

When numbers 7, 11, 14 and 24 rolled out in the 12.49pm draw on Saturday afternoon, it sent an initial €7201 into the pocket of the lucky customer.

Four €1 trebles at 650/1 using the same four numbers added a further €2604 to the winnings meaning the customer walked away with a stunning profit of €9800 from the €5 stake.

Lawrence Lyons, Spokesperson for BoyleSports commented: “We’re bracing ourselves for a few hefty payouts at Cheltenham in the coming week but this Wee County punter got a stunning head start on us pocketing €9800 profit from simple Lotto bets totalling just five quid.”

He added: “It’s not the best start to what could be a bruising week for us but we would like to send our congratulations to the customer who split their fiver perfectly and made a mockery of our 7200/1 odds for four numbers.”