WATCH: Tullamore fighters dominate Grapple Kings event

Express Reporter


Express Reporter


Fighters from the Tullamore branch of SBG, the fighting gym associated with UFC champion Conor McGregor, have enjoyed multiple victories at the most recent Grapple Kings Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu event. 

The event saw Ireland take on Poland in a series of 16 contests with Ireland emerging victorious with 11 wins to 5.

Tullamore SBG was responsible for four of those victories with Kieran Davern rounding off the night with a stunning victory via rear naked choke. 

Also from SBG Tullamore, John McCormack got a win for Ireland via a foot lock submission, Chris Loonam won by guillotine, and Sharon Davern won via judges' decision. 

The night was a resounding success with SBG Tullamore describing it as a "top class display of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu," suggesting the scene itself was "indeed in a good strong place in Ireland."

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