WATCH: The moment Offaly's roads literally broke our reporter's car

Our search for the county's worst road continues

Express Reporter


Express Reporter


The Offaly Express has begun a search for Offaly's worst road, and the project has already claimed its first victim.

Offaly Express reporter, Justin Kelly, travelled across the county this week, and encountered one of the worst stretches uncovered by this search between Garryhinch and Clonygowan.

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The Sweep Road had been suggested to us by local residents, and while navigating the litany of dips and fractures strewn along the road, Justin's car was rattled by a deep pothole hidden under a pool of water. 

You can watch the moment he hits the pothole in the video above. 

As he continued his journey towards Portarlington, he noticed a grinding and rattling noise around his left wheel. Having visited a mechanic, our reporter is now off the road as he was advised not to travel until the car was fixed.

"He told me that there is damage to a bearing in the left wheel and that driving with it could cause further problems down the road," Justin commented. 

"I couldn't believe the condition of the Sweep Road, it was beyond horrendous. I passed dozens of houses as well, and those people have to travel on it every day. I pity them trying to keep their cars going, that's all I can say," he added. 

You can watch more videos from our tour of the county and our collection of the worst roads in Offaly on our dedicated motoring section

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