Mairead Ronan wins RTE's Dancing With The Stars

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Offaly Express Reporter


Mairead Ronan wins RTE's Dancing With The Stars

Mairead Ronan wins RTE's Dancing With The Stars

After 12 weeks filled with rumbas, salsas and waltzs, and from the highs of a perfect score 30 to the lows of the dreaded dance-off, the three finalists strutted their stuff for the last time tonight on the hit series of RTE’s Dancing with the Stars.

Broadcaster Mairéad Ronan, actor Johnny Ward and country singer Cliona Hagan took to the floor and displayed their new found dancing talents when they performed three individual dances – the judges’ choice, their favourite dance and a showdance.

But it was Mairead Ronan and John Nolan's stunning dance routines that proved the most popular with the public when they were voted the overall winners of RTE’s Dancing with the Stars series three.

Speaking about winning the Glitterball trophy Mairead said: “I don't have enough time to say all the things I want to say....this time last year I was sitting in the booth where my family are sitting, I was 20 weeks pregnant...I never thought a year later I'd be on the dance floor picking up the Glitterball"

Runner up Cliona Hagan said “Thank you so much Robert, I loved every bit of this experience", Johnny Ward added "Thanks to everyone, it's been a life changing incredible experience." 

Hosts Nicky Byrne and Jennifer Zamparelli joined our judges, pro-dancers and finalists for a spectacular group dance opening for the final of Dancing with the Stars to ‘Make Way’ by Aloe Blacc.

Broadcaster Mairéad Ronan kicked off the solo-dances with her judges’ choice. She danced the Charleston to ‘Bom Bom’ by Sam & the Womp with pro-partner John Nolan. Mairéad said: “I cannot believe we're here... people say you have ups and downs but its been all ups for me!” Judge Julian Benson said: “It was a box-office gold opening!... you delivered tonight... you were Charles-tastic, loved it!” Judge Loraine Barry said: “That's the way to open the final.... you definitely took the comments from us... you tidied it all up. Marvelous start to your performance tonight.”

She scored a total of 29 from the judges.

The judges chose actor Johnny Ward’s foxtrot to ‘This Town’ by Niall Horan for his dance with pro-dancer Emily Barker. Afterwards Johnny said: “It is the last hurdle and people are dancing for the last time and it's a lot of fun. I've had a lot of ups and downs but I've had a lot of support. It's great to be the last man in the final.” Judge Brian Redmond said: “Yours was the biggest (choice) when it came to change ....It was much much better...the picture was a perfect picture from start to proved you were not a one trick pony” Julian said: “I am so proud of you tonight on the floor.This was a perfectly balanced foxtrot. You took on board what we asked you to do. Tonight your frame, core and were magnificent on the were like a leading man.....if these two don't agree with me I'll eat my god damn jacket          ”     

He scored a total of 28 from the judges.

Country singer Cliona Hagan and her partner Robert Rowinski were tasked with quickstep for their judges’ choice dance. They performed to ‘Country girl (shake it for me)’ by Luke Byran. Cliona said: “Getting to the final I feel like I've won the lottery.... ” Loraine said: “” Tonight you gave us the quick step....the body line was both looked as if you loved it....I loved it and I think everyone else loved it too." Brian said: “You shook it for me then, you certainly shook it for me now....congratulations you certainly delivered it.”

She scored 30 from the judges.

Next up all three finalists danced their favourite dance from the series. Mairéad Ronan and John Nolan chose their contemporary dance to ‘Rule the World’ by Take That. Mairéad said: “Really emotional, its my favourite song of all time and its my son's song” Julian said: “You were like a gazelle on the floor, the power, the passion and the storytelling... you danced from the inside out... you finished out every movement with passion.” Brian: "I think the combination of the lifts, the floorwork... it was probably a perfect example of what a contemporary ballroom should look like."

She scored 30 from the judges.

Johnny Ward decided to dance his jive from week one to ‘Johnny B. Goode’ by Leif Garrett with his pro-partner Emily Barker. Afterwards he said:“Over the moon, so so happy!” Loraine said: “I gave you constructive criticism and you've taken it on board... you had a softness to it, you had a partnering to it... I loved it!” Julian said: “Johnny Ward you are the king of rock and roll jive, the power, the passion, the energy!... You powered through that routine!”

He scored 30 from the judges. 

Her rumba to Rita Ora’s ‘Let me love you’ was Cliona Hagan’s favourite dance from the series and she performed it again with Robert Rowinski. Cliona said: “I was trying to channel my inner Beyonce and be as sexy as possible!” Loraine said: “For me you are the definition of the rumba, the smooth sultry girl... the foot and leg action was very good... I really feel both of you are really giving it everything tonight” Julian said: “This was a mesmerizing, sexy rumba right for the final... your hip action was wonderful... and that chemistry between the two of you!”

She scored 27 from the judges.

The last individual dance from each celebrity was a new and original showdance.  Mairéad Ronan and John Nolan performed theirs to ‘Don’t rain on my parade’ by Barbara Streisand. Mairéad said: “I was so terrified of that routine on Monday and Tuesday...but I trust this man (John) totally.....I wouldn't be here without my family...they've been amazing support.” Brian said: “In week one I described you as a beautiful ball room Belle ...all we can ask from anyone in life is that you reach your full potential...and you've done that.” Loraine said: “Let me start by saying this is so John Nolan.....  you gave us everything....... cinematography.....hollywood glamour...the foxtrot...tonight you've given your heart and soul to this..fabulous.”

She scored 30 from the judges.

Next up, Johnny Ward and Emily Barker danced their final number to ‘Bad man’ by Pitbull featuring Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker. Johnny said: “  When I saw the dance first I said to Emily you've pushed this too far!  ” Brian said: “  That showdance was absolutely fully absolutely smashed it out of the was absolutely brilliant...testament to you ...the fun you brought to the contestant...its called a bad man but you're a great dancer.” Loraine said: “What a great last dance you showed've given it everything all have performed ...fabulous   ”   

He scored 30 from the judges.

Cliona Hagan and her partner Robert Rowinski performed the final showdance to ‘The Champion’ by Carrie Underwood. Cliona said: “I'm just going to miss this guy (Robert) so much.... my heart goes out to the tragedy in Tyrone, I just wanted to pay my respects.” Julian said: “That is how to do a showdance! In a final we look for all the qualities of dance to be fused together... your control tonight was absolutely on fire... show dance is a show, you gave us a show!... after that performance you could definitely be this year's champion.” Brian said: “Over the 12 weeks and these two dances already I thought you'd shown us everything... the passion, the aggression, the edginess is something we haven't seen from you before. it takes a great performer to keep the best to last”

She scored 30 from the judges.

But the show didn’t end there! Much to the audiences delight, Westlife exclusively performed their hit song ‘Hello my love’ accompanied by the pro-dancers.

All the eliminated celebrities from the series returned to dance one more time together and they showed that they still had plenty of rhythm when they danced a group dance to ‘I haven’t stopped dancing yet’ by Gonzalez.

This Thursday at 6pm on RTÉjr (Sky channel 623, Saorview channel 7 and UPC channel 600) the final of RTÉjr Goes Dancing with the Stars presented by Darcy MacGabhann (11) and Darragh Malone (13) will air, giving kids a backstage pass to the Dancing with the Stars party!

 And make sure to tune into the final Can’t Stop Dancing this Friday at 8:30pm on RTÉ One, hosted by Bláthnaid Treacy.