WATCH: Farmer captures unbelievable footage of mini tornado

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


WATCH: Kildare farmer captures bizarre footage of a whirlwind causing havoc with hay

A day in the life of a farmer is never dull...

Last week we brought you the news that there was a tornado warning in place in Offaly, but the freak weather event actually happened just over the border in Kildare.

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Michael Heffernan from Fontstown near Athy in Kildare captured this unusual footage of what he described as a “whirlwind playing havoc with his hay.”

He posted the bizzare video to his Twitter page (@martique75) on Tuesday, and it has gotten over 1,500 likes and 572 retweets.

The mini tornado-like occurrence is believed to have been caused by one part of the ground heating up quicker than surrounding land.