One in three Irish dogs and almost 40 percent of cats are now overweight


Adam Dolan


Adam Dolan


One in three Irish dogs and almost 40 percent of cats are now overweight

Taking Paw-fectly good steps in Kilkenny towards better health at the launch of Pemania's Operation TransPAWmation are Rebecca Butler and Michelle Stapleton of Petmania

At a time of year when many people are revitalising their own health and fitness regimes, Petmania are encouraging pet parents to take note of their dog’s and cat’s wellbeing and weight. The family owned chain of stores ‘Operation TransPAWmation’ free initiatives now taking place in their Tullamore store until February 25th.

 The country’s leading specialist pet retailer say that one in three Irish dogs and almost 40 percent of cats are now overweight. In response, they launched an owner-led educational wellness initiative created in association with nutritional experts from Royal Canin.

 The ‘Operation TransPAWmation’ programme will assist in preventing pets becoming overweight and developing obesity. Similarly to humans, excess weight not only has a negative impact on the general wellbeing, happiness and overall quality of life of pets, it can also significantly shorten a pet’s life expectancy.

 They are also urging owners not to underestimate the body condition of family pets and to seek regular specialist advice. It is understood that one extra kilo in a cats weight is the equivalent of a human carrying 16 kilos in excess weight.

 Emily Miller, Marketing Manager with Petmania explains “Our programme focuses on the key points in our pets lives which warrant diet and lifestyle reviews. Similarly to humans, it is important to regularly look at the most appropriate diets that match our pet’s life stage. What you were feeding your dog or cat, twelve months ago, may not necessarily be what they need now”

 If pets develop obesity it will shorten life expectancy and increase the risk of developing serious health conditions such as, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart & Respiratory Illness, Kidney Disease, Osteoarthritis and Cancer.

 Choosing the right food, correct portion sizes, managing begging behaviour and taking the breed and activity level of dogs and cats are key elements in preventing pets becoming over-weight.

 “We understand why so many pet owners may miss the first signs that their family pets are becoming at risk of putting on excess weight. It’s not necessarily about feeding your dog too much, it’s what you are feeding them. What was right 12 months ago, may not meet your pet’s needs now” says Ms Miller.

 The first step for participants will be to bring their dogs or cats for a free weight check to meet with one of Petmania’s certified weight management advisors.

 Combining weight with a Body Condition Score, Petmania’s team will assess whether the pet needs some special attention. If the pet is at risk of becoming overweight, the Operation TransPAWmation team at Petmania will guide pet parents on choosing tailored diets and exercises for pets.

 All participants can visit Petmania’s store in Tullamore Retail Park, and they will receive food diaries, exercise guides and vouchers to help pets on their journeys towards a happier and healthier life.