Award winning Offaly business is a true success story

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Award winning Offaly business is a true success story

Award winning Offaly business is a true success story

An Offaly business that has been up and running for six years is a real success story.

Adrian Shiels of Pro Spray Foam Insulations, Birr is a man who works very hard and last year he received due and just recognition for the many hours put in when he won an All Star Business Award.

This is a prestigious award which is run on a nationwide basis and the prizegiving ceremony is held in Croke Park. The Judges gave Adrian the award because of his “dedication to his business and his strong work ethic.”

This dedication and work ethic was evident when I visited Adrian's home and business on Roscrea Road, Birr last week. Adrian is in expansionary mode. He proudly showed me his new truck and told me that he will likely be employing two more people therefore bringing his workforce to seven. He has also been the main sponsor of Birr GAA this year.

Adrian is 46 years of age and has been running Pro Spray Foam Insulations for the last six years. He previously worked in Grant Engineering in Crinkill and for another insulation firm, before realising there was a gap in the market and he could run his own insulation business.

His days are busy and he is supplying his insulation material to customers all over Ireland. “My typical day will entail taking some sales calls,” he says. “After that I will head out to the potential customers, look at their premises, and give them a quotation in the hope of securing the job. My day also entails organising the schedule for my five employees, who will then load up the trucks with the spray foam and head to the relevant sites.

“We are now operating two trucks and we are installing our foam in a number of places, including domestic houses, industrial buildings, commercial buildings and farms. A lot of our business is in domestic new builds.”

He pointed out that a lot of people don't realise that it's possible to retrofit spray foam insulation in older buildings.
The spray foam is supplied by CPI in Wicklow, which sources its material from Germany. Open cell spray foam is used in domestic buildings; closed cell spray foam is used in industrial buildings and farms.

“When we are installing our insulation material,” added Adrian, “we first prep the roof in the premises by putting in a Sarking Card, which is a breathable vent card which fits between the rafters. This ensures that we leave a 50mm gap between the felt of the roof and the spray foam. After the Sarking Card, we spray out the foam which is hot, but cools and solidifies in just a few seconds. We can then shave back the solidified foam flush with the timbers if desired. We then remove any waste.” A typical domestic new build will normally take about two days to insulate.

Safety is paramount for the company and the workers wear special white suits and breathing apparatus. The foam itself is completely safe.

“Years ago,” added Adrian, “you only had closed cell to operate with, which is non breathable. Open cell revolutionised things because it's breathable. Open cell is the most popular form of the two forms. A lot of our clients are looking for open cell. Open cell is also easier to handle for the workers.”

Spray foam insulation is an alternative to traditional building insulation, and due to its fantastic versatility, can be used on any areas of your property, including your roof, loft, walls and floors.

Using spray foam assists in retaining the warmth and heat within your home, therefore reducing energy costs with less heat being wasted and lost.

Open cell spray foam insulation is used in residential applications, attic insulation, floor insulation and wall insulation.
Open cell spray foam fills every nook and cranny expanding to over two hundred times its size and creating an airtight seal when applied.

In residential applications especially in the attic, moisture and damp is a hazard unless the moisture is able to escape. Irish building regulations state that a 50 mm air gap must be maintained between insulation material and roofing felt. Adrian and his team achieve this by using the breathable Sarking vent card system, which enables moisture to pass through your rafters and foam to leave the building by passing through the foam into a 50mm air gap.

“We use open cell spray foam on all our timber frame constructions,” says Adrian. “Open cell foam is fast becoming Ireland's leading insulation material. It's famed for its air tight qualities and its ability to fill every nook and cranny. It's also designed to breathe. Using open cell spray foam on your timber frame construction is very cost effective, gives the customer great construction values, all with a breathable airtight seal. This will contribute to reducing people's heating bills, increasing the value of their home and creating a warm healthy living environment for their family or business.”

Adrian's team works throughout many areas, providing their spray foam insulation services in Counties Offaly, Dublin, Westmeath, Clare, Laois, Tipperary and many other areas.

During the time of Covid, when the economy has been very badly hit, Adrian's business is one of the success stories (which are good to read about, and counterbalance a bit the negative stuff out there). “It's going very well for us,” he said. “We are very busy.” Long may it continue to do so. For more information call 05791 06004.