10 top gift ideas for mothers this Christmas

Ciara Dempsey


Ciara Dempsey

10 top gift ideas for mothers this Christmas

10 top gift ideas for mothers this Christmas

Edenderry's Ciara Dempsey from the My Camera, My Boys and Me blog to bring you all things family life, parenting, fashion and lifestyle. This week Ciara has 10 top gift ideas for your beloved mammy this Christmas.

Do you always struggle every year to find the present that’s just right for your mother or the mother of your children? Well, as a mother to four myself, I am going to tell you some of the top ten gifts that are bound to make the mothers in your life happy.

1. Engraved necklace - On many sites online now you can purchase necklaces with the option of the mother or child’s initials engraved onto the necklace. As a mother myself I know how much I would love this for the sentimentality and the uniqueness of it.

2. Fitbit - You will find a lot of women are active during the day and health consciousness is on the rise more than ever so this will be a hit. With counting steps, pace, calories and hours slept, most busy mothers would really appreciate this gift.

3. Bath tray - As simple as this sounds most mothers love a good soak in the tub so a present like this would be loved. If like myself other mothers might like bringing in a book or listening to a podcast, while relaxing in the bath. With this tray, they can do that while keeping everything safe and dry and even let them bring in a sneaky glass of wine if she really wants to unwind.

4. Spa day - A voucher for a spa day is most mother's dream come true. A day to unwind and leave work and household chores for a while.

5. Urban decay - The “Naked reloaded” eye shadow palette has all the shades any woman would need to bring her from light day time makeup to a smoky eye for a night out.

6. Yankee candle - You will find it hard to find a woman who doesn’t love candles and especially Yankee candles.

7. Skincare set - Skincare can be expensive and some women might hold back on treating themselves to it. So to receive it as a gift can be greatly appreciated.

8. A night away - To book a night away or a weekend really can be such a well-needed gift. It gives mothers that time to recharge that they most definitely need.

9. Teddy bear coat - Everyone who is anyone wants a teddy bear coat this winter so find the shade she would love and make her smile this Christmas.

10. Gin set - Gin is the drink that’s in right now!! And a lot of Mammys would love nothing more than their own gin set to enjoy over the party season.

I hope these suggestions ease your shopping trip a little, to make the mothers in your life smile. For more from Ciara, head over to her Instagram account HERE.