Offaly Community Group issues Blooming Marvellous Sunflower challenge!

Paula Morris


Paula Morris


Blooming  Marvellous Sunflower challenge!

Geashill Tidy Towns Committee have set the bar for the #offalystallestsunflower challenge based on their 2.1metre beauty!

An Offaly Tidy Towns Committee has set the bar for the county's tallest Sunflower challenge.

The elegant beauty is exactly 2 metres 1cm high or 6 ft 6 inches... but can anyone beat it? They are now looking for you to take on the challenge using #offalystallestsunflower.

The tallest ever sunflower to date measures 9.17 m (30 ft 1 in) and was grown by Hans-Peter Schiffer (Germany) in Karst, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany, as verified on 28 August 2014 by the Guinness World Records. 

Expert Tip:

Sunflowers need full sun; see 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day – the more the better if you are trying to grow them to their maximum potential. Choose a well-drained location, and prepare your soil by digging an area of about 2-3 feet in circumference to a depth of about 2 feet.

Dust off the ladders & get the scaffolding ready!