Edenderry's wastewater treatment plant 'at capacity,' Irish Water confirms

Local chamber happy with response from authorities

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Edenderry's wastewater treatment plant 'at capacity,' Irish Water warns

Edenderry's wastewater treatment plant 'at capacity,' Irish Water warns

Irish Water has confirmed to the Offaly Express that the Edenderry Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is at capacity and is included in the 2020-2024 investment plan, subject to approvals and funding.

They say funding plans "will be clarified in the next few months." The capacity issue has caused major concern with developers locally as it threatens to halt construction of new residential and commercial projects.

In the interim, however, the utility has said it has "identified optimisations that can provide additional capacity to cater for immediate demand."

Irish Water has been working with Offaly County Council and local stakeholders with a view to finding a workable solution. 

Irish Water said: "Any party seeking connection can apply to Irish Water's connection and developer services (CDS). Via CDS they will be informed of capital requirements related to their load to provide matching capacity to allow the connection proceed."

"Alternatively as the Edenderry plant is proposed for the investment plan and is considered a priority site, parties can provide a temporary on-site treatment system which they will own, operate and de-commission once the full WWTP upgrade is completed," they continued.

They said a feasibility study report will commence in 2020, at the start of the investment period, followed by detailed design, planning approvals, environmental impact assessments, tendering and construction.

"The overall investment plan is subject to CRU approvals. Irish Water prioritise investment within strategic budgets to meet stated business plan objectives and in the case of Edenderry as it is a Waste Water Treatment Plant at capacity, it meets key
investment drivers," they confirmed.

Speaking on the development, chairperson of Edenderry Chamber of Commerce, Christine Traynor said: "We can confirm that Irish Water were extremely fast in responding to the chamber and the council have confirmed that the temporary optimisations are being rolled out on the ground."

"The chamber is pleased with the speedy responses, as such matters are normally dragged out," Christine commented.

“We will continue in our efforts to lobby for the fast-tracking and delivery of the upgrade, and to promote Edenderry generally. Much-needed pressure is required by members and the public at large on our local representatives to ensure that such matters are not overlooked going forward."