Status Red warnings likely due to Storm Callum, forecaster warns

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Status Red warnings likely due to Storm Callum, forecaster warns

An Offaly weather forecast has given a further update to the likely impact of Storm Callum later this week.

Cathal Nolan from the Midland Weather Channel has said that red warnings are possible on Friday with the west likely to bear the brunt of the Atlantic system.

"Latest weather models have once again updated the potential of Friday’s storm, with the strongest gusts now forecast to reach up to 160km/h in western parts of the country. Winds across the rest of the country could gust to 130km/h," Cathal said. 

He went on to say, "Coastal flooding is also likely to become a major issue, with coastal cities such as Cork, Waterford and Galway at risk of experiencing coastal flooding."

"All coastal areas will be at risk of severe coastal flooding from storm surges which will coincide with high tides."

"At present, I feel it’s prudent to issue a status yellow warning, however this is likely to be upgraded to a status orange on Wednesday, and if the forecast conditions continue to materialise as predicted then a status red warning would seem likely for parts of the country on Friday," Nolan continued. 

"Changes to the intensity and timing of this storm are highly possible given that it’s still over three days away," he concluded. 


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