Offaly receives €1.3 million in Town and Village Renewal funding

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly receives €1.3 million in Town and Village Renewal funding

Offaly receives €1.3 million in Town and Village Renewal funding

Offaly projects are set to receive €1.3 million of a €21 million Town and Village Renewal Scheme pot announced today by the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring.

In total, 224 rural towns and villages across the country, including 12 in Offaly, are set to benefit from over €21 million in funding. Offaly received the second highest award nationwide, €430,000 more than neighbouring Laois where €870,000 was secured. 

The 2018 Town and Village Renewal Scheme, which was launched in April this year, focuses on projects which can help to enhance rural towns and villages, with a particular emphasis on stimulating economic development.

Funding awarded to individual towns and villages this year generally ranges from €20,000 to €100,000, with 30 projects receiving between €100,000 and €200,000 for more ambitious proposals. Total funding amounts to €21,230,121.

In Offaly, Edenderry, fresh from its O'Connell Square upgrades this year, will receive a further €200,000 for "street enhancement" works, according to the report. Edenderry's total is the highest awarded to any town or village in Offaly.

The other Offaly communities receiving funding are as follows:

Ballycumber - Public realm improvements in the village - €100,000

Boora Leabeg Leamore - Public realm and traffic safety measures - €100,000

Clara - Upgrade of public road/footpaths and public open space - €100,000

Cloghan - Upgrade pathways and public spaces - €100,000

Croghan - Works to improve visitor access to and information about Croghan Hil - €100,000

Daingen - Public realm improvements - €100,000

Edenderry - Street enhancement etc - €200,000

Ferbane - Streetscape, parking and signage works - €100,000

Geashill - Completion of undergrounding of overhead wire etc - €100,000

Kinnitty - Village Enhancements - €100,000

Rhode Village - Village enhancements - €100,000

Shannonbridge - Public realm improvements - €100,000

Announcing the funding, Minister Ring said: “Over 220 rural towns and villages are getting really positive news today. The Town and Village Renewal Scheme is an important part of the Government’s work to rejuvenate rural Ireland and is having a significant impact on towns and villages across the country."

“The benefit of previous funding under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme is now being felt countrywide and I am delighted to be able to allocate a further €21.2 million for projects in 224 towns and villages right across rural Ireland.  Almost €53 million has been approved for more than 670 projects across the country under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme since it was introduced in the second half of 2016," the Minister added.

“As well as supporting initiatives which support enterprise and job creation, the scheme will also support improvements to public amenities in town and village centres, to help make them more attractive places in which to live, work and visit."

“I am delighted with the response which I received to the call for proposals this year. I want to thank the Local Authorities for their efforts and co-operation in engaging with local communities to identify these projects. Once again most of the funding will benefit towns and villages, with populations of less than 5,000 people," he continued.

The Minister added: “The Government’s commitment to supporting rural Ireland is further underscored through the new €1 billion Rural Regeneration and Development Fund which was launched this year as part of project Ireland 2040.  This new Fund will provide an opportunity to deliver more integrated and ambitious projects which will further support the revitalisation of our rural towns and villages in the coming years.”

The Town and Village Renewal Scheme is a key part of the Government’s Action Plan for Rural Development. Details of the successful projects under the 2018 Town and Village Renewal Scheme will be published on the website of the Department of Rural and Community Development,, following notification to the Local Authorities.