Fifteen things you remember if you went to The Harriers back in the day

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


Fifteen things you remember if you went to The Harriers back in the day

With the news that a Tullamore Harriers reunion night is being organised in Tullamore, here's a list of 15 things you will probably remember if you went to the only place to be on a Saturday night, 'The Harriers'

1 – Waiting nervously in the queue to more than likely be asked for ID you most certainly didn't have. No such thing as Age Cards back in the day which made life much easier for intrepid 15, 16 and 17-year-olds. This was followed by the sense of sheer relief or bitter disappointment when you did or didn't get past Noel Gowran at the front desk.

2 – Finding someone in the long, long line for the cloakroom who would hang up your denim jacket or alternatively, finding a dark corner up the back to dump it for the night as queing was wasting valuable drinking time.

3 – Getting in early on a busy night to avioid the long queue when the buses arrived from all points in the midlands. You were also trying to get a booth near the bar or up the back in the cool seats in 'The Restaurant'.

4 – Being a hero at the bar and ordering double vodkas or double Famous Grouse knowing full well it was all going to end badly before you got out the door that night.

5 – If you were a lad, prowling the floor when you knew the slow set was about to start in the hopes of getting the shift.

6 – If you were a girl, watching out for the lads prowling the floor when the slow set was about to start and doing your level best to dodge them.

7 – The sound of numerous teens puking in the toilets while you waited patiently outside the door

8 – What live music was really like and how many great Irish bands were touring the country during the late 80s and early 90s with The Stunning, The 4 of Us and An Emotional Fish being among the regular visitors.

9 – The pain in your neck the next day after head banging to Thunderstruck, Whole Lotta Rosie, Black Betty and various other metal tunes.

10 – The helpful hand picking you off the floor in the mosh pit after you unwisely chose to bounce off someone twice your size and half as drunk when Smells Like Teen Spirit was blasted out.

11 – The drunk lad who seemed to knock a drink out of everyone's hand no matter how much you tried to dodge him while coming up the steps from the dance floor

12 – Gyrating your body in some weird and wonderful way and trying to convince other people that you were actually dancing.

13 – Trying to jump the queue to get your coat from the cloakroom (if you bothered putting it there in the first place) as the girl you were snogging earlier in the night had already left with her friends and you were desperate to catch up with her before she got on her bus to God knows where. You obviously failed to convince her to 'go outside' with you earlier on

14 – Staggering home afterwards with a curry chips because someone told you that hid the smell of alcohol on your breath. Turns out it didn't and you spent a lot of time trying to convince your irate parents you really only had one pint despite the puke stains all down your clothes.

15 – Not having to worry about your every move and indiscretion being posted all across social media the next day. Back then we had to rely on vague flashbacks and the day after postmortem with friends to piece together what we did.