An Offaly man's guide to tonight's RTE Late Late Show guests

Hollywood meets Christy Moore

An Offaly Man's Guide


An Offaly Man's Guide


An Offaly man's guide to tonight's RTE Late Late Show guests

An Offaly man's guide to tonight's RTE Late Late Show guests

Peter Kay

Unlike a conversation on the budget or sleep experts, Peter Kay will at least give you a bit of a laugh. Look, there'll be some English humour there that we won't get, and he probably get over excited and sit up in the chair like an excited child that has been told they're funny. Go with it and thank god it's not someone on talking about antiques. Amarillo will probably get a mention! There might even be a clip...

Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow

This could be a time to make the tea or pour yourself a glass of wine. Americans in Ireland promoting something telling us how Irish they are. Will Ferrell will even be wearing a Longford jersey, enough of a reason to take a dislike to the man. Ryan will try desperately to be 'one of the lads' but will come off more like the character from Where's Wally amongst the Hollywood men. Wirth a watch all the same for the tenuous Irish links and the inevitable mention of 'Elf.'

Christy Moore

A legend among mere mortals on this week's show. He's on to promote something, and no matter what it is, we're buying. He's not behind the door about telling the crowd to stop clapping or singing out of time, always great gas. He would have been asked to sing Joxer Goes to Stuttgart if last Tuesday had gone better for the Irish soccer team. We'll settle for a belt of 'My Little Honda 50.'

Alison Spittle

A bit of a love her or hate her figure on the Irish comedy scene on to talk about her new show, Nowhere Fast. The girl is a little try-hard at time, but she'll take the mick out of Westmeath, and we're on board for that. She often hits the nail on the head with a few sharp comical observations of the Irish psyche.

James Nesbitt

Nesbitt is a gentleman on to talk about a return to Cold Feet and charity work, and by all accounts he is down to earth and worth watching. Your granny will think he's a lovely fella and ask a hundred times, 'What's that he's in.' Quick mid-Late Late Google will set you right. 

Ham SandwicH

A pleasant musical interlude from one of those Irish bands that you know of but don't know well...they are generally feel-good and whacky enough to divide opinion in the room. A debate will start about their random name, the conclusion being that it's ridiculous. 

Let's be honest, Christy Moore is the highlight, and he sometimes gets stroppy with the crowd clapping out of time, and that's always great gas.

The Late Late Show starts at 9.35pm tonight on RTE 1.