Grave of GAA founder rediscovered in Offaly graveyard

Ger Scully


Ger Scully



Members of the White family at the headstone of GAA founder, PJ White

Last year the Clara Heritage Committee under the advice of the local Heritage Officer and the help of local volunteers took on the project of clearing the ancient Kilbride cemetery.

This year the committee are taking on a similar project at the old Monastery cemetery in Kilcoursey. 

While working in  the cemetery volunteer Pat Cornally uncovered the grave of P.J. White bringing great joy to the White family.

The grave, which is down in a valley, had disappeared from sight many years ago, and his great grandson Michael White was unable to locate it.

P.J. White was one of the founders of the GAA in Hayes Hotel, Thurles  in 1884. P.J. He died on February 22, 1902 aged just 48 years.

P.J. is  buried with his father and grandfather who was buried there in 1830  when the grave was first opened.