CIPD host successful 'diversity and inclusion' event in the Midlands

Charlie Flynn


Charlie Flynn

The Midlands Region of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) recently hosted a very successful event on 'A journey towards personal and workplace Diversity and Inclusion' on Wednesday, September 26th 2018. This was the first event in an exciting programme of events for 2018-2019 provided by the CIPD Midlands Region Committee.

Following a networking opportunity for attendees, there was an introduction from Caroline Ward, Chairperson of the CIPD Midlands Committee. The key speakers were Anne Noonan (Learning and Development Consultant) and Sharon Goff (Diversity and Inclusion Consultant). The first speaker, Anne Noonan discussed the human side of Diversity and Inclusion and its connection with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Sharon Goff focused on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. Sharon provided insights into the positive impact Diversity and Inclusion can have on organisations and its ability to resolve business challenges such as staff morale, sourcing talented people, retention and improving customer orientation and innovation. In addition, Sharon explained how research has shown companies with Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in place have a greater financial performance.

Both speakers highlighted how Diversity and Inclusion are key components to create a workforce that is highly productive, engaged, innovative and creative.

Attendees on the evening were provided with insights into how to build a Diverse and Inclusive workforce and culture in an organisation which was very well received by attendees.

The talk concluded with an interactive Q&A segment from the floor with many of the attendees asking questions around Diversity and Inclusion.

Anne Noonan, who has a varied career in computing which began with delivering government backed computer training programmes across Ireland followed by several years as an eLearning practitioner. Anne worked for a global leading Technology company, taking on roles in learning delivery, resource management, portfolio and project management.
Sharon Goff, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant with a career spanning over 25 years’ in the Technology Industry in Learning and Development. Sharon is currently a self-employed Diversity and Inclusion Consultant. Sharon’s interests lie in how organisations support their workforce to do their best work by ensuring they feel valued and included.

The CIPD Midlands region provides a forum for HR and business leaders in both public and private enterprises to network and share information, skills and best practice in the area of Human Resource Management, Employment Law, Employee and Industrial Relations.

CIPD events in the region provide a great opportunity to keep up to date with issues that may be of interest to you. Our next event, proudly sponsored by Matrix Recruitment Group, 'Bringing a scientific approach to recruiting and leading people' is scheduled to take place on 16th October 2018 at 6pm in the Sheraton Hotel Athlone.