Offaly Macra Notes (September 4)


Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


I'm A Macra Member, Get Me Out of Here

An action-packed week of events saw our club members, Sarah Kelly, Conor Quinn and Sarah Jane Egan brave it out to take part in the South Leitrim 'I'm a macra member get me out of here' event on Saturday, September 2 in the Leitrim Marina Hotel in Leitrim. They all fought through the good, the bad and the ugly of creepy crawlies, gunge and grime. In the end, club member Sarah Jane Egan was crowned Queen of the I'm a macra member get me out of here event. Well done to all three members for getting involved and participating with a great night of celebrations for Sarah Jane and all the support that attended for all our members on the night.

Split the Skittles

Our members battled it out last Sunday, August 27 to try and split the skittles in the county round of bowling but unfortunately weren't successful on the night coming in fourth. However, the club was very proud of club member Conor Corcoran who was recognised as the highest scoring member of the night for his fantastic bowling skill. On Friday, September 1, our members had their general knowledge under scrutiny taking part in the county round of Question Time. Congratulations and best wishes to Tullamore Macra who took the titles for bowling and Question time this past weekend of busy activities in the macra calendar.

Ferbane/Banagher Macra

Ferbane/Banagher Macra members will have their next meeting in Flynn's Bar, Banagher on September 11 at 9pm. The club has some exciting events coming up in the coming months ranging from sports, agriculture to public speaking and drama. If you're interested in going to any of these events coming up, and live in the Ferbane/Banagher and interested in or just socially why not get involved and join our Macra club? Contact Sarah Kelly on 086-3575915 for more information.

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