CIPD Midlands branch host successful 'innovation' event

Charlie Flynn


Charlie Flynn

The Midlands Region of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) hosted a very successful event on “Innovating a way to the future” on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. This was the third event in an exciting programme of events for 2018/2019 provided by the CIPD Midlands Region Committee.

Following a networking opportunity for attendees, there was an introduction from Caroline Ward, Chairperson of the CIPD Midlands Committee. The key speaker, Nicola Byrne, CEO of 11890 Directory Enquiries and Cloud 90, a company which delivers front line services in Online Risk, using human ingenuity and the latest analytics technology to deliver best online/digital data live 24/7, provided attendees with a history of her entrepreneurial journey to date and the growth and change in direction of her businesses in recent years. She spoke from personal experience of the need to continuously be planning ahead and focused on key areas including the rapid advancements in Innovation and Technology and the impact on both large corporates and smaller organisations. She spoke of how the role of technology is revolutionising the way companies conduct business and the speed of innovation is faster than ever before. Nicola spoke about how Technology has changed the direction of her own businesses in recent years and yet her business has not lost the human element for its customers.

While it was pointed out that human nature has always been to innovate, Nicola stated that to innovate does not always signify re-inventing from new but sometimes involves looking to change perspective and direction of something already in existence.
From her own experience, she advised attendees in order to be innovative, you need to be curious, inquisitive and view the world from different perspectives.

Attendees on the evening were provided with a lively talk with useful advice and tips on being more innovative and Nicola acknowledged that while technology does not replace the human workforce it will impact on the positions and skillsets people will hold in the years ahead. The talk concluded with an interactive Q&A segment from the floor with many of the attendees asking questions around Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology.

Nicola is an accomplished public speaker and will be a familiar face to many people from her frequent media appearances. She is also the current President of the Irish Exporters Association and the first female to hold this position in its 65’ year history.
Nicola is an Ambassador in Europe for Female Entrepreneurship and is a former board member of the New Children’s Hospital as well as the Ireland US Council. She also served on the board of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce and for the past decade has been a member of Fingal Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) where start-ups are funded at local level. She served as a Member of DCU Ryan Academy For Entrepreneurship Advisory Board from 2012-2014.

The CIPD Midlands region provides a forum for HR and business leaders in both public and private enterprises to network and share information, skills and best practice in the area of Human Resource Management, Employment Law, Employee and Industrial Relations.

CIPD events in the region provide a great opportunity to keep up to date with issues that may be of interest to you. The next event, proudly sponsored by Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group “Annual Employment Law Update” is scheduled to take place on 23rd January 2019 at 8am in the Sheraton Hotel Athlone.