A search for answers - Offaly's Fiona Pender disappeared 22 years ago today

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



In the 22 years since Fiona Pender went missing in 1996, her parents both passed away without ever knowing the fate of their beloved daughter.

Despite this, a search for answers go on through her brother John, who earlier this summer contributed to a new documentary recounting his own life and the loss of his sister.

John Pender says the documentary, entitled, 'My Sister Fi, "was not an easy thing to make but in the end it was well worth it."

"I was true and honest to my recollection of things and now it's time to share this with who ever wants to take to the time to watch it."

Fiona disappeared from her apartment in Tullamore in August 1996 and since the death of his mother late last year, John has vowed to continue the search for his sister.

The 23-minute documentary, which has been published to Facebook, shows John recalling the tragic history of his family, from the death of his brother Mark in a car accident in Killeigh in 1995, the disappearance of Fiona, and later, the suicide of his father in 2000.

John also released a statement last year following the death of his mother, who had been so vocal in her campaign to find Fiona. “My mother was a hero,” he said at the time. “She never gave up or gave in looking for my sister even in the face of such heartache."

“My mother and father both died of a broken heart and I have only been able to say goodbye to one family member, my mother, who passed away from natural causes – while no one else in my family did,” he said. “It has been a struggle over the years, but the torch has been passed to me to find my sister. I hope you will all help me.”

His documentary, My Sister Fi, produced by Damo Connolly and Matthew Blayney, has already received in excess of 65,000 views and is available to watch in full at the top of this article.