WATCH: Take a look around the Offaly Covid Vaccination Centre at Tullamore Court Hotel

Camilla McLoughlin


Camilla McLoughlin

LAOIS Offaly TD Barry Cowen joined Councillors and others in a tour of the new vaccination centre at the Court Hotel in Tullamore, which is due to open on May 3.

There are 10 vaccination booths at the centre along with a reception area, waiting area and staff room. The centre will vaccinate between 400-500 people a day.

Head of primary care Joe Ruane said Cohort 4 which are the vulnerable are being called to the hospitals or to their Gps.

People in their early 60s are being called to register from this weekend for the vaccination centres.  These will be called to the centre nearest their post code. The vaccination centre at the Court Hotel will also be used for people from the Kilbeggan area.

The key message is ''slow steady and safe we want to be as safe as we can,'' Mr Ruane added.

The HSE also continues to be open for people who want to work at the centre whether as clerical staff or vaccinators.

The dates to register are as follows:

• 64 register on Friday 23 April, or any time after

• 63 register on Saturday 24 April, or any time after

• 62 register on Sunday 25 April, or any time after

• 61 register on Monday 26 April, or any time after

• 60 register on Tuesday, 27 April or any time after