WATCH: Ten day weather forecast from Met Eireann's forecasting partner - Is milder weather on the way?

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

The very cold air will persist for a few more days but it looks like turn milder but wetter by next week though the bitterly cold weather from Russia remain in place over Europe with a risk that colder weather could return, according to the latest 10-day forecast from Met Éireann's official weather forecasting partner.

The Met Office in the UK says milder weather looks set to take be in charge from the weekend and into next week over Ireland and the UK. However, it cautions that the Beast from the East type weather that has made it bitterly cold recently has not broken down over Europe.

The Met Office says that even in the short term it will still feel relatively cold over the weekend due to lower temperatures closer to the earth and there is a risk of dangerous freezing rain in places.