WATCH: Will remnants of Hurricane Dorian hit Ireland? Weather forecasters have the latest in 10 day forecast

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Weather forecasters expect Hurrican Dorian to be swept across the Atlantic towards Britain and Ireland.

However, the devastating storm is expected to be steered north of the two islands toward Iceland as it approaches due to a weather front in the Atlantic.

It is also expected to reduce dramatically in force to a typical Atlantic low weather system.

It may bring some wind and rain to northern parts of Britain and Ireland by the middle of next week.

Met Éireann's official weather forecasting partner in the UK, the Met Office, made the prediction in the 10 day forecast as the storm sweeps along the east coast of the USA.

The Met Office expects the weather to stay cool and changeable for the next 10 days. Typical autumn weather is expected over the coming days said the forecast.