WATCH: Farmers to the rescue as they clear roads to cut-off Offaly communities

Community spirit is alive and well

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


If Offaly people have proven one thing over the last few days, it is that community spirit is alive and well in the Faithful County. 

While a few individuals in Dublin brought negative international headlines to the country last night, Offaly people have been out in force helping one another out. 

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This video was sent to us by Tom Shaw Farm Machinery of locals out with JCBs and tractors with ploughs to clear some roads in the county. 

The clip shows the group clearing roads near Clareen on Saturday. The south of the county has been hit badly by Storm Emma with some communities effectively snowed in. See the clip in the link below for proof of that. 

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Scenes like this rescue effort are being replicated right across the county as private citizens, contractors, the Army and council staff work to get the county operational once more. 

PICTURED: Atkins Farm Machinery personnel in Birr also out helping local residents

Residents have been thanking Niall and Shane from Atkins after they worked until late Friday night and early this morning to get resident up and running and on the roads.