WATCH: How to pronounce JYSK - the name of Ireland's newest IKEA rival

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


It's the debate we need to settle now before JYSK opens more stores around Ireland. The pronunciation of Lidl differs per county to this day because we didn't sort it out!

Danish IKEA rival JYSK opened the doors of its first Irish store in Naas this week to great aplomb with customer eagerly queuing up overnight to get their hands on a bargain. 

The store is popular, that's for sure, but one thing causing confusion is the name itself. Is it JYSK like risk? Is it JYSK like risk with a silent 'j'? 

Well, the answer is it's neither as the video above proves. The name of the store is pronounced 'Yusk' where the 'j' is silent. Play the video at the top of this article to hear it pronounced properly.

Mind blown!