Offaly band perform unbelievable Irish trad cover of iconic dance anthem 'Maniac 2000'

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


The staple of many teenage disco and Irish nightclub set at the turn of the millennium, Mark McCabe's Maniac 2000 was a heart-thumping, floor-filler of a generation. 

Released in the year 2000, the song quickly became an iconic anthem for that generation, and now stirs nightlife nostalgia for thousands. 

Now, Offaly trad band Ruaile Buaile have re-created the magic with an Irish trad version. Recorded over the St. Patrick's Day weekend in Dubai, where the Faithful four-piece were playing an Irish Village gig, the cover of Maniac 2000 is the best of both worlds.

From the blistering banjo to that familiar beat, this version is a winner - the perfect blend of Irish trad and dance culture. 

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