Offaly politician says Fine Gael need to take control of Shane Ross

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly politician says Fine Gael need to take control of Shane Ross

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Renua Ireland leader and Offaly councillor John Leahy has warned that the latest proposed penalties for speeding from Shane Ross are "more likely to harm and hinder road safety than help it."

The party Leader Cllr. John Leahy said: "Successful implementation of the law depends on public consent and reasonable application. Where the law comes into disrepute the people turn away from it."

"In the case of road traffic legislation, the latest mad proposals from Minister Ross run this risk. It is bad enough that working people are afraid to drive into work and are being breathalysed coming out of mass. Now a new mad regime of penalty points is to be imposed from on high without consultation," Leahy added.

"The proposal to impose excessive penalty points for speed and not having your licence on you is frankly oppressive. It smacks of a Department where too many people have too little to do."

"The minister is imposing a reign of red tape terror or working people and FG are standing idly by. Truly they are the watchdog that always sleeps and never barks. Their political laryngitis will cost them yet."

"Our primary concern is that imposing these daft laws will damage relations between the Gardai and the people on the critical issue of road safety."

"Is it the case that Gardai will now be driving into farmyards or raiding creche car-parks to ensure everyone has their licences on them?" Leahy pondered.

"The minister should withdraw a set of daft proposals that will bring road safety into disrepute and do better with his next offering."