LIFESTYLE: The perfect healthy full Irish for Father's Day

Martina Dunne


Martina Dunne


LIFESTYLE: The perfect healthy full Irish for Father's Day

There is something about a fry that just reminds me of big days and special occasions. There is something very comforting about warm breakfasts with pots of tea. Typically, frys are not the healthiest of breakfasts but they have all the elements of a balanced meal.

The sausages provide the protein, and the toast, beans and mushrooms are excellent sources of carbohydrate and provide one of your five a day. So why not make Father’s Day extra special with my tips for a healthy full Irish!

Let’s start with the main ingredient, the rashers and sausages. There are many options here and a variety of ways to cook these little gems. My top picks for healthy options would be:

1. Head to a butcher for the sausages. They are full of natural ingredients, tend to have more pork and you are supporting local businesses.

2. Read the food labels. The percentage of pork used is stated on the ingredient list, our very own Tullamore Sausages use 82% pork compared to Clonakilty and Denny which have 63% and 60% respectively. Turkey sausages contain about 60% meat but are lower in calories and saturated fat.

3. Try some turkey rashers. These can be a healthier alternative to the pork variety with less calories, saturated fat and salt. A fry wouldn’t be the same without beans, mushrooms and toast with proper butter. Again there is a healthier version of these traditional features.

4. Skip the tinned beans and choose Irish made Cool beans instead. Their products are refined sugar free and are a source of protein and fibre. They also come in three delicious flavours; original tomato, smokey paprika and hot chilli!

5. Mushrooms are a source of protein and boost the nutrient quality of your brekkie. Get adventurous with Portobello, Button or Chestnut mushrooms for something a little different. These can be dry fried in a non-stick pan and seasoned lightly with salt and pepper.

6. The finishing touch for me has always been the toast. With so many people with gluten sensitivities or intolerance, the humble sliced pan has been given a bad reputation. Sourdough bread is fermented and takes longer to bake so is kinder on the tummy. Alternatively, wheat substitutes such as rye offer options for those trying to avoid gluten. Another Irish company BFree do excellent wheat, dairy and egg free breads and wraps.

After choosing your healthy ingredients it’s time to cook up a feast. Simple tweaks in the cooking method will result in lower calories and healthier choices. Poached eggs are a simple way to eliminate the need for oil and are delicious. By grilling the sausages and rashers you also cut down on the amount of oil used.

To balance the full Irish, we need to add a healthy fat. This will help keep us fuller for longer and supply some all-important Omega 3s into the meal. The main ingredient I would use it the ever-popular avocado. This can be mashed with a squeeze of lime juice, seasoning and a hint of chilli to make Dad feel like one in a million. Serve on the side or slather on the toast for a real wow brekkie.

So there are my tips to help you make a healthier full Irish for your Dad this Sunday. Wishing all Daddies everywhere a Happy Father’s Day.

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