Men fined for causing significant damage to two supermarkets in Offaly

Tribune reporter


Tribune reporter

Compensation to be divided between Tesco and Lidl

Men fined for causing significant damage to two supermarkets in Offaly

TWO men who caused criminal damage to the windows of Tesco and Lidl stores, also stole alcohol.

Sgt James O'Sullivan said the alcohol was recovered, at last week's Tullamore district court.

At a previous court sitting, Alex Berry, 93 Norbury Woods Green, Tullamore and Alex Crompton, 33, Church View, Tullamore were both ordered to pay compensation for the damage caused.

The details of the offences are that on June 5, 2020 at Tesco, Cloncollig, Tullamore, both men caused €5,000 worth of damage to the store window.

They also caused damage to products in the store to the value of €1,056. In addition they stole €600 worth of alcohol.

On the same date they damaged a store window at Lidl, Church road, causing €4,054.79.

At last Wednesday's sitting Alex Berry brought €100 in compensation.

His solicitor Donal Farrelly said Mr Berry was 19 years of age, he had a small income and was struggling to make ends meet. He was an apprentice carpenter and earned €350 per week. He paid €150 in rent and electricity.

Judge Catherine Staines asked what he did with the other €200. Mr Berry replied that he had a court case in Sligo and had to pay the solicitor there. ''Why did you not get legal aid?'' asked Judge Staines. Mr Berry said he was caught with drugs and the solicitor didn't do legal aid.

Judge Staines told him he should have gone to one that did or the court would have appointed one.

The court was told Mr Berry had no previous convictions.

Judge Staines ordered the €100 compensation to be handed over to the manager of Tesco, Ciaran Rush, adding that she would like to see it distributed among the staff.

She believed Mr Berry was genuinely remorseful and was engaging with Merchant's Quay. She fined him €200 for the criminal damage and took the other charges into consideration.

Alex Crompton, 33, Church View, Tullamore, also aged 19, and an apprentice carpenter, had undertaken a restorative justice programme and had done well the court heard.

He had already paid €680 in compensation and had another €150 in court last Wednesday.

He too was engaging with Merchant's Quay.

Judge Staines ordered his compensation to be divided between Tesco and Lidl.

She said Mr Crompton had made much more of an effort and fined him €100. She took the other offences into consideration.