Offaly Hooves4Hospice fundraising drive continues

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Tribune Reporter

Offaly Hooves4Hospice fundraising drive continues

At the farm gate! Una Bergin, from Clareen, whose family purchased an animal in support of the Hooves4Hospice fundraiser

With the family donation of €500 to Hooves 4 Hospice project, a Friesian/Angus cross heifer was purchased locally by a Clareen family, last September, and is now running with the other cattle on the family farm.

Speaking this week, Una Bergin, from Clareen, explained: “I heard about Hooves 4 Hospice one morning on Midlands Radio 3 and thought what a great idea and how good it would be if we could have our own Midland Regional Hospice just like all other areas of the country.”

“There was some discussion about the project. I missed the number the first time, but had the pen and paper ready when it was repeated. With the number I immediately contacted the Hooves 4 Hospice office, on the phone and pledged our family support for what I think is a great Project.”

“On hearing the details about the project and the fact that the Midlands is the only area in the country that does not have a Regional Hospice I had decided that I would play my own small part to support the project” said Una, one of a family of ten.

“I talked through the idea of supporting the project with my siblings, who all agreed that we would pool together and purchase an animal. That we did. And when our 86 year old mother Rose heard us speaking about getting involved in Hooves 4 Hospice she decided that she wanted to contribute as well.”

“Our family have been close to serious illness over the recent past having lost our brother-in-law three years ago and our sister, last year. Fortunately, in both cases they had very good family support but we were thinking of the many families who would not have that support and maybe have to travel outside the Midlands for hospice care or see their loved ones spend their final days in an acute hospital.”

“I think this is a very worthwhile Project. The farmers have responded very positively to Hooves 4 Hospice around this area. I see lots of signs on farm gates which is good to see”, said Una.

The first animal donated to Hooves 4 Hospice was registered in February last year. A year later the number of registered animals has grown to 440. So far 20 ready for sale animals have been sold and realised a total of €26,508 or an average of €1,325 each. Marts have been generous in waiving their fees and meat factories have paid top prices for Hooves 4 Hospice animals.

“Farmers have been very generous in donating and rearing animals and their generosity is greatly appreciated” according to Pat Lalor, chairman of the Hooves 4 Hospice Fundraising Project.

“The Covid pandemic has meant that we have not been able to meet with farmers we know are interested in being part of the fundraising project. Hopefully, circumstances will improve sufficiently during this year to enable us to catch up on lost time and valuable opportunities, he said.

In the meantime, if you are interested in knowing more about the project and perhaps getting involved please contact us by Phone 085 8775477; Email: Web: