Offaly development 'goes against spirit' of county plan

Ger Scully


Ger Scully


Offaly development 'goes against spirit' of county plan

Cllr Neil Feighery

A PROPOSED major housing scheme at Clonminch “goes completely against the letter and spirit of our own plan for residential development in Tullamore.”

That's according to Cllr Neil Feighery who told members of the Municipal District at last week's meeting that the development as proposed was problematic for a number of reasons.

“The location of the land in question falls under the priority 3 category for development according to the existing town plan,” he outlined.

The Fine Gael man added: “We are actively trying to encourage people to choose to live within the heart of our towns, whereas this proposal will result in further urban sprawl to what is now agricultural land.”

“Concerns about the capacity of Tullamore’s Waste Water Treatment plant to cope with the increased demands of this development have not to my mind been dealt with in a satisfactory way by the developers. The infrastructure is in need of upgrading but storing foul waste on site is hardly a solution that is ideal.

“The vehicular access through Clonminch Wood is also concerning, this will bring huge traffic directly through an already busy housing estate, I am all for permeability between residential areas but this can always be provided by pedestrian access if required.”

Cllr Feighery added that a three and four storey apartment block, overlooking the new estate for elderly behind Limefield was also “a big design flaw.”