Offaly couple to feature on RTE's new wedding series tomorrow

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly couple to feature on RTE's new wedding series

Offaly couple to feature on RTE's new wedding series

An Offaly couple will be the first to feature on RTE's brand new wedding show, My Big Day: Home or Away on Monday, September 9.

The programme follows wedding planners Tara Fay and Bruce Russell who compete to have one lucky couple per week choose their wedding in Ireland or abroad. Tara will present dream weddings in Ireland while Bruce tries to tempt couples into glamorous foreign venues.

In episode one, it’s all go in Tullamore where student nurse Niamh West and her partner, clothing entrepreneur Conor Scally are balancing work and family life with their two-year-old son Alfie.

ABOVE: Niamh and Conor who feature on RTE's new wedding series

The couple’s €12,000-€15,000 budget will have to cater for 150 guests at home, but just 50 people abroad. Leaving Tara with less to spend on a venue and Bruce with fewer friends and family to take away.

Wedding Planner Tara proposes a reception at the Green Barn at historic Burtown House in Athy, Kildare – just one hour’s drive from Niamh and Conor’s home.

Bruce, on the other hand, takes the couple to Quinta de Sant’Ana – a working farm in the quaint Portuguese sunny village of Gradil, just 30 minutes from Lisbon.

So far in their relationship, Niamh and Conor have made all their major decisions with the toss of one lucky coin. But will fate intervene now as they’re faced with the tricky choice of a woodland wedding with all their friends and family or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to paradise with a much smaller group of friends and family?

Will one of the biggest decisions of their lives be on the flip of a coin? Tune in and found out on My Big Day: Home or Away? Monday, September 9, on RTE 2 at 9.30pm.