White-collar boxing fundraiser to support 'Friends of Tullamore Hospital'






White-collar boxing fundraiser to support 'Friends of Tullamore Hospital'

Contestants in training for the event

Staff of Tullamore Hospital are teaming up with members of Spartacus Boxing Club and Motonari Martial Arts to go toe-to-toe in the ring and raise funds for 'Friends of  Tullamore Hospital' during an evening of 'white-collar' boxing in the Tullamore Court Hotel this Saturday night, April 20. 

One of those taking part is Ollie Cleary, and while some nerves are beginning to kick in as the big night nears, the greater good that stands to be achieved is keeping his mind focused firmly on the task ahead. "You'd probably want to be a bit mad to be looking forward to getting into a ring with someone if it's not something you usually do, and I'm generally not that mad," Ollie said.

"But for a cause like this, it's easy to realise that there's a much bigger picture involved. Anything that helps to raise money, all of which is much needed, is a good thing."

Ollie continued: "I think the appeal of something like white-collar boxing is that if you're taking part, then it's a challenge. You have to put some work into getting ready for it as best you can, because whatever happens to you in the ring on the night is going to be for all to see."

"And if you're just going along to support the event, or to support someone taking part, well the chances are you're going to see a completely different side to people you know when you see them step into the ring. So for a lot of people, it's definitely going to be a night of entertainment. And for others, the likes of myself who are taking part, it'll definitely be interesting, and probably sore," Ollie added.

Ollie had plenty of praise for one of the men behind this event, Alberto Candeias. "I don't know yet how thankful I should be to Alberto, because he's the one who talked me into this. So what I say now and what I feel by the end of Saturday night might be very different."

"Alberto and everybody else involved have been great. Look, we all know the main reason for something like this is to raise funds for the hospital. That's what we all care most about, and what we all want to achieve."

"To make that happen, it takes a lot of people working together. Yes, there'll be a lot of us stepping into the ring on Saturday night, but there'll be many, many more who are always doing valuable work behind the scenes, not just to make this night happen, but to help the Friends of Tullamore Hospital throughout the whole year."

The Fight For Funds, Evening of White Collar Boxing, takes place in the Tullamore Court Hotel on Saturday night, April 20, beginning at 7.30pm. Tickets will be available on the door. For more information, contact Alberto Candeias on 087-2589 619, or on candeias.alberto01@gmail.com