Offaly pub granted permission to build houses on site

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly pub granted permission to build houses on site

Offaly pub to build houses on site

The owners of an Offaly pub have been granted planning permission to reconstruct part of their property and build three houses on adjoining land.

Rhode Inn Ltd applied for permission for development on land adjoining O'Tooles Public House in Rhode Village. Co. Offaly last summer. Permission was granted subject to conditions.

The proposed development will consist of the demolition of the existing single storey lounge/toilets/function room
to side and front of existing building.

Alterations and restorations will then be made to re-locate the ladies and gents toilets.

As well as that, the plans look for permission to build 3 three-bedroom two storey detached private dwellings on adjoining land. The plans also involve the re-alignment of the existing car park to accommodate the proposed development.

The conditons attached to the decision to grant this permission include the stipulation that the boundary with the local church remain unaffected, only flat tiles or slate are to be used on the properties, windows must be made of timber, they must have a napp plaster exterior finish and all paths, lighting and underground services must be completed prior to any occupation.


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