WATCH Budget 2019 speech in Dáil by Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe #budget2019

News Reporter


News Reporter


Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe reveal details of Budget 2019 in the Dáil at this afternoon.


Some key points already revealed.

Budget package worth up to €1.5 billion.

VAT rate rise on hotels and restaurants, hairdressers to 13.5%.

50 cent on a packet of 20 cigarettes.

1% increase in vehicle registration tax for new diesel vehicles.

Minimum wage 25 cents rise to €9.80.

2% band of USC will be widened by around €500.

4.75% rate of USC will be reduced to 4.5%.

Higher rate of income tax band up by €750 to €35,300.

Inheritance tax threshold increased by €10,000 to €320,000.

Home carer tax credit up by €300 per year. 

€5 on social welfare payment rise. 

Back-to-School Allowance up by €25.

Allowance for children whose parents are on welfare payments up by €2.20 per week for children under 12 and by €5.20 for children over 12 years.

Self-employed to be entitled to Jobseeker's Benefit in late 2019.

Two weeks' paid parental leave will be introduced in late 2019.

€300m three year fund for an affordable housing scheme.

€130m-150m extra for the Housing Assistance Payment.

National Treatment Purchase Fund up by €20m.

€3m to hire 100 therapists for children will special needs.

€25 and €45 increases in the income threshold for the GP card. 

50 cent cut in prescription charges for the over 70s.

€10 cut in the maximum amount payable under the Drug Payments Scheme.

10% rise in payments to disadvantaged areas scheme farmers.