Offaly councillors contravene town plan to approve Tullamore housing development

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly County Councillors have voted in favour of a material contravention to the  Tullamore Town and Environs Development Plan 2010-2016 (extended to 2020) in order to pave the way for a housing development. 

The vote appeared on the agenda of Monday's monthly council meeting and drew widespread support from all quarters in the council chamber.

The vote centred on a development comprising of three single-storey detached houses at Carraig Cluain in Tullamore. The initial application sought to build two-storey homes, but that had been earlier dismissed by the council.

In order for the new single-story dwellings to get the green light, the area of land in question had to be changed from 'open space' to 'residential' within the confines of the Tullamore Town plan.

A number of councillors spoke favourably for the contravention, including Cllr Tommy McKeigue who welcomed the re-application for single-storey houses, saying, "two-storeys should have never been considered in the first place."

The material contravention was agreed unanimously by councillors with just one member, Brendan Killeavy, absent on the day. 

It is now expected that planning approval will be granted for the development and all associated site works.