Offaly politician thinks we need to get tougher on our criminals

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly politician thinks we need to get tougher on our criminals

Offaly politician thinks we need to get tougher on our criminals

The state is serially failing in its primary duty to keep the people safe when it comes to crime, Renua Ireland leader and Offaly County Councillor John Leahy has warned.  

"When we look at the crime pages of our local papers each week, we see the extent of the divide between what politicians and the legal elite are saying and what the people are experiencing," Leahy said.

“Amidst the people; the state’s response to crime is seen as consisting of closed Garda stations, CCTV schemes that exist in theory rather than practice, and a legal system which does not serve victims."

"We in Renua believe in a system that puts victims first and is capable of consistently handing down appropriate sentences to criminals, particularly repeat criminals,” said the Offaly County Councillor.

“Under our current system victims are a nuisance. They are second class citizens. Renua Ireland intends to reverse the current imbalance in the scales of injustice."

“Too often we have seen re-offenders committing crime while out on bail, this needs to stop. We will implement bail laws as constitutionally mandated and impose a system of ‘Zero Tolerance’ for ongoing serious sustained criminality," Leahy explained.

“Crime is a reality throughout the length and breadth of Ireland. Drug crime is now so common in rural towns there are now thirteen-year olds for whom cannabis is the drug of choice," John said.

“We need to look at longer sentencing for serious crime, the model of rehabilitation has not worked for these hardened criminals and Renua backs the introduction of 28-day detention orders for those Gardai suspect of being actively involved in preparations to murder another or of being responsible for directing the activities of an organised criminal gang."

“For too long the Irish Justice system has pushed the victims of crime and their families to the side in the rush to ‘understand’ and be fair to the criminal. Renua will end that practice. We will put the victims of crime and their families at the centre of our criminal justice system,” stressed the Renua leader.


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