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Offaly’s American Dream: Is someone in the county about to win €189 million?

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Offaly’s American Dream: Is someone in the county about to win €189 million?

An Offaly resident could win €189m this weekend

A new generation of Irish lottery players, including many from right here in Offaly, are switching things up by playing the world’s biggest jackpots.

It’s all down to new lottery company Multilotto.ie, who specialise in offering customers the chance to play the world’s biggest lotteries.

The biggest lottery in the world right now is America’s €189m Mega Millions. The draw takes place in the early hours of Saturday morning and you can get in on the act here.

Your chance to win will cost you just €2.50.

America’s Powerball is also available at Multilotto

As well as Mega Millions, Multilotto gives customers the chance to go for plenty more big jackpots from around the world.

Chief among them is America’s Powerball – officially the world’s biggest lottery that once created a £1.1 billion jackpot.

There are also several exciting lotteries from across Europe, including EuroJackpot, which offers similar sized jackpots to EuroMillions, but better odds of winning and is cheaper at €2 a shot.

Spain’s El Gordo is another of the better-known jackpots on offer, while Italy’s SuperEnalotto – Europe’s largest weekly state lottery – is also available.

However, the biggest jackpot in the world right now belongs to Mega Millions. If you fancy trying something a little different you can get your chance to win here.