New statistics reveal the state of Tullamore people's health

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


New statistics reveal the state of Tullamore people's health

The Tullamore Healthy Town 2017 survey, commissioned by Pfizer, reveals that almost three quarters (66%) of adults in Tullamore said that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to them.

However, personal knowledge of how to maintain optimum health and wellbeing is low, with only 33% believing themselves to be ‘very knowledgeable’ about the topic.

According to the research results, 87% of adults surveyed in Tullamore eat a balanced diet, 80% exercise regularly and 89% take care of their mental health. However, more than half of those surveyed feel they are ‘about average’ in terms of their personal health and wellbeing (59%), but some feel that they have more to learn with regard to general health and wellbeing (37%), eating more sensibly (41%) and being mindful of stress triggers (37%).

Tullamore has a strong sporting tradition, and 73% of those surveyed believe that there are sufficient resources in Tullamore for people to learn about issues relating to health and wellbeing. However, more than half (62%) stated that they do not take part in social and sports groups, while 67% admitted that they are not part of a fitness group, and 75% stated that they do not take part in classes about personal health and wellbeing.

Commenting on the research Karen O’Keeffe, Director of Corporate Affairs, said, “We are delighted to be rolling out Healthy Town in Tullamore this year. We’re looking forward to developing a programme of free events and seminars that helps people to learn more about issues such as family health, men’s health, nutrition and mental health. Through Healthy Town, we aim to show the community how small simple changes can make a difference to their health.”

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Healthy Town 2017 will provide the community of Tullamore with an opportunity to focus on their health and wellbeing, encouraging them to make simple, small changes which will benefit their health and to inspire other towns across Ireland to do likewise.

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