Net migration for Offaly estimated at -1,924 persons

Census figures show trend of migration from Offaly over last five years

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Census figures show trend of migration from Offaly over last five years

While the population in the county rose in the last five years, the initial results of the census estimate that the net migration for Offaly between 2011 and 2016 was -1,924 persons.

The total change in the population between censuses is the combined effect of natural increase and net migration - a measure of the movements of persons into and out of the State.

The natural increase in Offaly (births minus deaths per 1,000 people) was estimated at 3,240 people. The actual increase per the Census figures was 1,316 which leaves the estimate for net migration at -1,924 persons.

Nationally, the natural increase in the population is estimated at 198,282 giving an estimated net migration of -28,558 for the state.

Net migration on a county basis varied widely across the state with most counties experiencing net outward migration while a small number (such as Dublin and Cork) witnessed net inward movements. Net migration for Offaly is estimated at -1,924 persons.

Brendan Murphy, Statistician at the Central Statistics Office (CSO), explained that “The preliminary count is based on a clerical summary of each enumeration area compiled by the 4,663 enumerators. These counts have been returned to the CSO in advance of the census forms and the results published today are based on this information. The enumerators did an excellent job getting their summaries back to us, which allows us to prepare these early results of the census. We’d like to thank the entire census field staff for all their hard work and perseverance over the course of the census field campaign”.

“We like to publish these preliminary figures while the thought of completing the census form is fresh in people’s minds. Additionally this data is available to immediately assist with public planning”, he said.