Tidy Towns and Council launch crackdown on litter and dog fouling problem in Edenderry

Wardens are out in force to catch offenders

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Tidy Towns and Council launch crackdown on litter and dog fouling problem in Edenderry

An incident of illegal dumping in Edenderry earlier this year

The members of Edenderry Tidy Towns along with Offaly County Council wardens are working together in a new initiative, making a major effort to stamp out littering and dog fouling in the North Offaly town.

The issue of dog fouling, littering and people clogging up the public bins with their household rubbish has plagued Edenderry and the Tidy Towns committee along with the litter and dog warden are now making an effort to try and educate and get the message across to the general puplic.

Those found carrying out such offences will be issued with an on the spot €150 fine. The wardens have been coming to the town early in the morning and will continue to do so in an effort to catch those responsible.

Offaly County Councillor and Edenderry Tidy Towns chairman, Noel Cribbin, spoke to the Offaly Express on Tuesday. "On Sunday, I had to take bags of household rubbish from the bins as they block up the bins and cause cans and litter to fall out off the bins onto the street," he told us.

"This blatant disrespect for our town is not acceptable and with the help of our council staff we intent to stamp it out and already fines have been issued to people caught breaking the law so you are being warned," he continued.

Those caught re-offending will be slapped with a larger fine as the local groups embark on their mission to eradicate these offences once and for all.

The measures come as Offaly County Council agree to put a street cleaning machine on the streets of Edenderry and Noel Cribbin welcomed the fact that a dedicated council worker will be placed in charge of operating the machine.

"We thank the council for their co-operation and we look forward to our streets and streetscape being kept neat and tidy into the future," Noel concluded.


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