Clara and Tullamore Resource Centres join forces to create 'uplifting' booklet

Tribune Reporter


Tribune Reporter



Tullamore GAA club members distributing the booklet

Management and Staff of the Clara and Tullamore Community and Family Resource Centres have joined forces and created a booklet to uplift and strengthen connections amongst members in the community during this difficult time. It is full of cooking tips, helpline numbers, online supports, wellbeing tips, craft ideas from materials in the home, jokes, inspiring quotes, catchphrases, unscramble the words, wordsearches, spot the difference, a quiz on Offaly, riddles, puzzles, brainteasers and so much more!

It was decided not to include any answers in the booklet. To work out the riddles and puzzles or check if you have the right answer you must check and compare with others. As a result, we hope it will promote connection over group chats and phone calls with family, friends and neighbours we are currently isolated from. We look forward to it going into the community and we hope it brings discussion, laughter, support and information into homes.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed a piece towards the booklet and helped us deliver it throughout the community.

Funded by the Department of Community and Rural Development. Compiled and published by Clara and Tullamore Community and Family Resource Centres. Designed by Clara and Tullamore Community and Family Resource Centres and Brosna Press. Printed by Brosna Press Creative Design, Ferbane, Co. Offaly. April 2020.