Offaly students take on the Croghan Hill Challenge

Charlie Flynn


Charlie Flynn

On September 6, the TY students of Oaklands Community College in Edenderry took on the Croghan Hill Challenge. The Croghan Hill Challenge is an intensive 5k obstacle course centred around team building and pushing people out their comfort zones, and was opened in 2011. 

The students arrived at Croghan Hill early in the morning and were briefed about health and safety before they were taken to their first team building exercise. The students were divided into two teams, with each team assigned a pole.

They had to move the pole up into the air and lower back onto the ground using only their thumbs. Those that were caught cheating had to sit in freezing cold water for ten seconds, along with half of their team. 

The Edenderry teens then had to attach ropes to a basin, carry it through an obstacle and land it in the designated zone- while half of them were blindfolded. They managed to work together and actually beat the record for the fastest time in that exercise. There were other team building exercises, like directing each other through obstacles while blindfolded and walking down a slope with skis attached to their feet.

They were then brought to the 5k obstacle course that included a great deal of running, crossing over hurdles, slides where water was sprayed at you, crawling through tunnels and a water maze, scaling a wall and much more!

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