New clothing shop opens its doors in Tullamore

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


The Bridge Centre in Tullamore has welcomed its newest resident in the shape of outdoor clothing store, Regatta Great Outdoors.

After months of preparations, including the filling of a number of local jobs, Regatta has opened its doors with a state-of-the-art new outlet.

The new store in Offaly is part of Regatta Great Outdoors' expansion in Ireland, which was announced last year with the heralding of 100 jobs nationwide.

Regatta was originally set up in the UK in 1981 but arrived in Ireland in the year 2000 when Brian Fox was appointed as a sales representative for the brand and sold to buyers from his own home. It has since grown to 18 concession stores and a standalone store in Limerick in 2011.

Tullamore is part of seven new openings slated for the next year or so. At the time, Regatta Ireland Director, Brian Fox, said: “The expansion of the Regatta brand in Ireland is to satisfy customer demand, which has grown due to the affordable product range we have available in our stores."

"There is a strong market for what we offer in Ireland, which is both fashion and technical outdoor wear as well as advanced footwear and camping ranges. We are delighted to see our business growing following some turbulent years in Ireland as we are creating new jobs in local areas. We look forward to continued growth and success in the coming years."

The company specialises in outdoor clothing and say they started with one simple philosophy; to produce affordable clothing not only for adventurers, but for those who wanted to open their front door and just have fun.

Having started in the Uk with just 12 employees, the company has grown to employ more than 500 across Britain and Ireland. It also exports to more than 55 countries around the world.

The Tullamore store in now open in the Bridge Shopping Centre. The team look forward to welcoming the adventurers and outdoorsy people of the town and county.