WATCH: Gardai provide update on Christmas crackdown

Gardai continue testing as we approach Christmas

Jake Guerin


Jake Guerin


A Garda Chief Superintendent has provided an update on the Garda Christmas DUI Campaign.

109 people were arrested last weekend with 1 person being 11 times over the limit the next morning. A stat clearly some people aren't heeding.

Alcohol is a factor in 2 in 5 fatal crashes in the lead up to Christmas. There has been a 12% increase in DUI arrests up to October 2017.

Another analysis of preliminary Garda data from 2008-2016 reveals that a total of 292 road users were killed in the months of November and December. The average number of fatalities each month for this nine-year period was 16 in November and 16 in December. The new RSA analysis also shows that:
• Dublin, Cork and Galway had the highest number of RTC fatalities in November and December and accounted for almost a third (32%) of the total number of fatalities that occurred during this time period.
• The most prevalent times of day were between 4pm-8pm (33%) and 12pm-4pm (23%), followed by 12am-6am (22%).
• RTC fatalities were more prevalent on Sundays (21%). The most dangerous time of day on Sundays was midnight-6am.
• Drivers represent almost half (46%) of all road users killed in Nov/Dec;
• Pedestrians represent over a quarter (26%) of fatalities, while passengers account for almost one fifth (18%).g the message to Never Ever Drink & Drive. 

To date this year, 143 people have been killed on Irish roads, an decrease of 26 when compared to the same period last year. Please stay safe on the roads this Christmas is the message from An Gardai Siochana and from ourselves here at the Offaly Express.